These Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas are Perfect for Any Outdoor Event

Swimming pools are often the highlight of many houses, while also the favored spot for throwing parties. While most pools are often placed right on the ground, above-ground swimming pool is something else.

There are even some cool above ground pool deck ideas fitting for your homes.

The pool is probably the main attraction, but the deck is also worth mentioning as the spot where everyone can hang out together without the need to get wet.

Even people who are not too fond of swimming can be mesmerized by the deck. Bonus points if the area has a stunning view as well.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to have a living pool on your own, now it’s the perfect timing to build your own custom living pool, complete with the deck.

And on that account, we have several deck ideas for you that also come with the pool, of course.

1. Safety Cover Pool Deck

Safety Cover Pool DeckWorrying that your kids will run around and fall to the pool? You might not need to worry about that with this pool deck.

Basically, this deck is perfectly suitable if you have such hyperactive family members that constantly run around and may get them to fall into the pool.

In addition to protecting your children, the safety need also helps protect your pool from various elements, and to prevent any unwanted objects end up floating in the pool. It potentially keeps your pool clean and clear for a long time too.

2. Ipe Wood Deck

Ipe Wood DeckAn outdoor swimming pool is considered to be the best by many people, and if the outdoor pool also happens to come with a very stunning view like this, this deck complements everything. A perfect fit of luxury and nature.

This kind of wood is also some of the strongest and most durable wood there is, as it withstands many elements of nature, even resisting mold and rot.

This pool deck also comes with railing (or you can simply replace it and install a wooden fence instead) to keep your family and guests safe. If you’d like, this deck also comes up with a safety net for the pool.

3. Staircase and Walk-Around Deck

Staircase and Walk-Around DeckThe standard simple deck, it features one slide that goes from the pool and a staircase that goes to the deck.

If you’d like, you can actually replace the stairs with another staircase that goes straight to the pool.

The edge of the pool also makes a very nice spot to sit and dangle your feet off or into the pool.

4. Platform Deck

Platform DeckThis large, spacious deck can really make you feel like you are in some sort of resort villa. You can place many chairs or even pool loungers, and you can really place some more if you feel like it. It is a perfect spot to chill and gather out or in the pool.

Now that you have seen some of the ideas of these above ground pool deck, time to choose and make it your own. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can really shape the deck and the pool with your very own personal touch.

Creating the above ground pool deck is more or less is similar to creating the standard pool deck building procedure, and takes some time.

Only, for the most part, it is considered to be cheaper and low maintenance, especially regarding the pools since they are often smaller than ground level pools.

  1. Frame the floorThe first step is to frame the floor design and using wood is much cheaper, lighter, and simpler than using other materials. You still need to have some metal material to strengthen the deck and pool, however.

    This step is done not just to create the floor on the deck, but also to assemble the overall layout of the deck shape.

  2. Setting up piers and postsStart by placing some blocks beside the pool. These piers function as the foundation of the deck since it will be set up a few feet above the ground, so make sure these pillars are sturdy and placed closely together.

    It’s best to start placing the pier near (besides) the pool and end up all the way farther from the pool. If the ground is uneven, use shovel to level it up.Bear in mind that these piers are not planted on the ground, but rather supported by the posts.Repeat this step multiple times until the whole structure slowly comes to shape, matches with the deck frame that you have planned.

  3. Laying the deckingBasically placing wood or other materials supported by the piers. One of the most common methods in lying the decking is to taper the boards surrounding the pool so they all radiate from the center of the pool.

    Continue placing the wooden board to shape the platform of the deck, starting from the pool all the way to the farthest corner of the deck frame.

  4. Build the railingSimilar to building fences, the railing is built to prevent people from falling from the deck, so they are best built on the edge of the deck.

We hope this above ground pool deck ideas and steps on how to build it inspire you to build your own deck, especially if you have been looking forward to building your own swimming pool.

Happy building.