10 Delightful, DIY Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Feeling like your old bathroom mirror is too plain? No worries. There are ways to beautify or make it look more interesting. Believe it or not, no matter how simple, your DIY Bathroom Mirror will transform the ordinary-looking bathroom into something that looks more beautiful.

You do not have to worry about finding ideas for your own DIY Bathroom Mirror. Some of the best examples are here. They might inspire you to copy some or come up with something new, depending on your personal tastes and choices.

So, are you ready to check out some of the best ideas here? Let’s begin.

1. Thin-Framed Bathroom Mirrors with A Colourful Wallpaper Behind

Thin-Framed Bathroom Mirrors with A Colourful Wallpaper Behind

Source: https://hgtv.com/

This is probably one of the easiest DIY bathroom mirror projects that you can think of. If your cabinet is black and the wall is pastel, then let’s do something like this:

  • Paste a colourful wallpaper before you install your bathroom mirror. Since there is a pair of matching sinks on the cabinet, use two mirrors instead.
  • Before you put the mirros, frame them with thin planks of wood. You can even paint the wood white to match it with the colourful background. Neutral colour works for anything.

If you are not really into colourful wallpapers, you can change it with one block colour of a wallpaper to contrast with the surrounding.

2. Go for Something Traditional and Elegant

Go for Something Traditional and Elegant

Source: https://hgtv.com/

For something this traditional and elegant, of course you need a lot of work. With the matching brown cabinet and sink, you can have matching mirrors with black and brown frames. Of course, this requires some serious work of art and patience.

This bathroom probably reminds you of a fancy hotel bathroom. Guess what? You can bring this style into your own home.

3. The DIY Bathroom Mirrors in Opulent Oval

The DIY Bathroom Mirrors in Opulent Oval

Source: https://hgtv.com/

Bathroom mirrors are not always rectangular. In fact, the round ones like this example save up some space on the wall. They also emphasise more focus on the face instead of other body parts.

To make the bathroom mirrors look less plain and more well-matched with the vanity cabinet, this is what you can do:

  • Frame the mirrors with artistically carved wood ones.
  • Another alternative to this idea would be faux fur frames around the mirrors. The colour should also be a darker shade than the cabinet.

4. The Gilded and Gorgeous, Framed Bathroom Mirrors

The Gilded and Gorgeous, Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Source: https://hgtv.com/

This bathroom has a beachy-theme, with its orange glow. Gilded and absolutely gorgeous, you can have shimmery frames for your bathroom mirrors. This will beautify your bathroom even more.

Another alternative: to upgrade the look, you might want to add a clam on each corner of the mirror frame.

5. A Rustic Retreat with Overhead Lights

A Rustic Retreat with Overhead Lights

Source: https://hgtv.com/

Want your shabby-chic bathroom look more glamorous? Add a large vanity with overhead lights. You can have the mirror thin frames made of brass, silver, or gold, depending on your preferences.

6. The Clean and Simple, Bathroom Mirror Frame Design

The Clean and Simple, Bathroom Mirror Frame Design

Source: https://www.mirrormate.com/

If you feel like something simple and clean, this DIY bathroom mirror design does not take much work. (Well, especially if you love carpentry and enjoy doing it yourself.)

Since the bathroom itself is dominated by white and grey, a white frame is a perfect choice for the mirror. To make the bathroom look more spacious than it actually is, a thin one around the mirror will do.

7. Simplicity + Elegance

Simplicity + Elegance

Source: https://www.mirrormate.com/

There is another strategy to make your small bathroom look elegant without too glamorous. This shabby-chic one is the nice example. With the small, neat vanity cabinet and a pair of matching, built-in lamps, you can beautify the mirror this way.

A simple white frame will do, but – added with a silver outlining around the frame – the mirror looks more exceptional instead of just ‘nice’.

8. The Majestic, Golden, and Studded Mirror Frame

The Majestic, Golden, and Studded Mirror Frame

Source: https://www.mirrormate.com/

For a bigger bathroom, it is no problem if you would like to do something extra. A mixture of white, black, and gold has already given a majestic impression to the bathroom. A crimson or pastel-coloured wall looks more like a perfect canvas to this work of art.

With this combination, do not leave the mirror ‘naked’. Dress it up with golden and studded mirror frame. This will emphasise the whole look. Your bathroom becomes more majestic, as if it belongs to a royal family.

9. A Modern Look with Old-Fashioned, Built-In Lamps

A Modern Look with Old-Fashioned, Built-In Lamps

Source: https://www.mirrormate.com/

This style is popular in some European countries. Modern-looking with a combination of neutral colours (grey vanity cabinet and white-brown wall), this bathroom also has something to contrast the dominated look with: a pair of matching, old-fashioned, and built-in lamps.

Now, what to do with the mirror in order not to look so plain with the white wall behind it? A silvery grey frame will do. This will show the shimmering boundary between the mirror and the wall behind it, especially when the sun comes into the bathroom.

10. The Coffee-and-Mocca-Coloured Bathroom

The Coffee-and-Mocca-Coloured Bathroom

Source: https://www.mirrormate.com/

Overall, this bathroom has already got an authentic look. From the horizontal light brown wall, white cabinet top (made of marbles), and mocca-coloured cabinet drawers, this gives a homey sense of feeling to anyone in here.

A pair of old-fashioned, built-in lamps also make this bathroom look more classic. For your DIY bathroom mirror, choose a much darker mirror. It does not have to be plain black. Something more of a dark brown, like the colour of coffee, looks much better to emphasise the limit between the mirror and the wall behind it.

The frame is also a matching shade to the colour of the water taps at the sink and the lamps. This is why, this bathroom looks like as if it has coffee and mocca on it. It is such a delightful sight, although not exactly for consumption.

There are many ways to beautify your bathroom mirror. These are only 10 best examples of DIY bathroom mirror projects. If you are already inspired by some of these, then get yourself started. It is even better if you can come up with something more, while also copying some of these fascinating ideas.