10 DIY Entertainment Center That’s Simply Entertaining for Everyone

If you are looking for an inspiration for your DIY entertainment center project, you have come to the right place. In here, we’ll provide you with 10 DIY entertainment center that’s simply entertaining. It’s a great idea to have a space that accommodates all about entertainment. I mean, who doesn’t like entertainment, everybody needs it.

Entertainment existence in a house would make such a fun house that would go far away from boredom. Creating an entertainment center inside the house would make the house members enjoy hanging around the house.

You can fulfill the room with any entertainment element possible. Of course, it should be based on your budget. One way to decrease your budget in designing the entertainment center is to do it yourself.

Here are what entertainment center should have:

  • Television
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Players
  • Cable
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Cabinet/Storage

Those are the things you should consider to have in your entertainment center in order to call it a complete DIY entertainment center.

1. Vintage White Entertainment Center With Blue Background

Vintage White Entertainment Center With Blue Background


This DIY entertainment center feels so special because the comfort and safety aspect of this room is concerned. It’s very important to concern about those aspects because it affects the activity nearby.

For this well-designed entertainment center, the designer includes a lot of vintage ornaments to strengthen the style of this DIY entertainment center. The key to this interesting look of entertainment is the white open cabinet. It works fantastically well with the woven baskets.

2. Orange Locker For Entertainment Center

Orange Locker For Entertainment Center


An entertainment center is sometimes also called as TV-watching space. It’s ideally placed in a living room. The right color choice plays an important role to set the right feelings for a comfy space. This entertainment center uses an orange color to set the energetic atmosphere.

As said before, the storage is the important element of an entertainment center. So, we can say that a locker could be a clever option to use an alternative cabinet for TV. The orange locker has a lot of storages to keep your stuff away from sight.

3. Entertainment Center with Luxurious Red Cabinet

Entertainment Center with Luxurious Red Cabinet


A bold color like red is sometimes avoided by designers because it could dominate the whole room’s feel. So, it would be better to avoid using a bold color like red. Well, it’s true. The red color in this picture looks quite dominating and somewhat disturbing.

If you look closely one more time, you might realize that the designer of this DIY entertainment center knows what to do to balance the color. He added some colorful ornaments on the low cabinet on each side of the TV and some others on the coffee table. It also seems like that this kind of approach was applied in other rooms too.

4. Rustic Set of Entertainment Center

Rustic Set of Entertainment Center


For a rustic living room, this farmhouse cabinet offers a super rustic look. It really makes the rustic style stronger. In order to make it even stronger, some rustic ornaments and decorations are attached to the wall along with family photos.

The TV itself is not placed exactly at the top of the cabinet. It’s hanging on the wall with all the decoration, instead. This is quite common in entertainment center design. The cabinet element inside the entertainment center is not always used to put the TV.

5. DIY Entertainment with Industrial Look

DIY Entertainment with Industrial Look


The reason why people choose to have a furniture with an industrial look is that of its charm. It comes with its own charm which seems to be the combination of minimalist and rustic style. It only needs some simple wooden planks to be used as shelves to place the TV and other entertainment tools.

6. Stunning Pallet Background for Entertainment Center

Stunning Pallet Background for Entertainment Center


I give two thumbs up for the woodwork of this pallet. The staggering texture of the wood creates an amazing character on the wall. You’ll no longer be having a plain wall as the background. This pallet offers an entertaining look for your entertainment center.

The additional elements hanging from the pallet is enough to accommodate the entertainment tools you need. Oh wait, there’s more. A small black cabinet is there to impress. It completes the element of the entertainment center.

7. Entertainment Center with Bricked-Wall Background

Entertainment Center with Bricked-Wall Background


It’s quite easy to make the ordinary entertainment space to be more fun than ever. Actually, you can just change the background and add interesting elements to make it more impressive.

As you can see in the photo, the designer decided to have the red-bricked wall as the background. With the addition of a colorful poster, the TV set in front of the background looks astonishing.

8. DIY Entertainment Center with Bookshelf

DIY Entertainment Center with Bookshelf


An entertainment center should be the place that you can enjoy and rest together with your family. This concept is the right choice for it. The bookshelf could be an exciting main feature of this entertainment center. Books are also some sort of entertainment for certain people.

In this entertainment center, the TV is not the only source of entertainment. Those collections of books are also acted as an alternative source of entertainment.

9. Easy DIY Entertainment Center Ideas

Easy DIY Entertainment Center Ideas


It’s like the simple and small version of bookshelf entertainment center. If you don’t have a lot of tools for your entertainment center, just get it as simple as possible but still interesting. This easy idea is what I’m talking about.

10. Entertainment Center Combo

Entertainment Center Combo


The bedroom would be the perfect place to have such entertainment center design. You can also call it as a bedroom entertainment unit. This kind of concept would help you to fill out the wall in the bedroom. The TV is well blended together with the wardrobe, drawers, and shelves. Just add the TV in the middle of everything.


For the sake of entertainment, you can design the entertainment center in a special way. Let the entertainment tools be comfortable entertaining. With those 10 DIY entertainment center ideas you can create your version of entertainment that would take away your boredom.