10 Adorable DIY Floral Wedding Arch

DIY Floral Wedding Arch – One of the details that play a big role in your wedding party is a floral wedding arch. Mostly because the sacred moment of saying “I do” happens under it.

That’s exactly why couples willing to spend more money to make sure that moment becomes more memorable. But rather than spending bucks for a rented wedding arch, you can cut the budget by doing a DIY floral wedding arch.

DIY Floral Wedding Arch Ideas

Don’t worry, I guarantee it will be hassle-free while the result will be quite stunning. Here they are:

1. Simple Wooden Arch

Simple Wooden Arch with Roses


Roses are favorite flowers that dominate most of the floral wedding arch. This idea also uses roses as the main ornaments. You can add daisies and leaves to elevate its charm. As you can see, the arbor is made of tree trunks. The trunks that used as poles were not polished to keep its natural vibe.

Moreover, you can add some twigs to enhance its looks. Just like shown on the picture, the arch might look simple but it’s also dazzling at the same time.

2. Living-Up a Fairytale Dreams

Living-Up a Fairytale Dreams


Do you ever dream of having a wedding like in a fairytale woods? If you do, then this one is for you! Using natural woods along with twigs, this wedding arch looks alluring and rustic. To get such a look, you will need:

  • Natural wood and twigs as poles.
  • Vines to be put alongside of the twigs.
  • The chandelier as a centerpiece.
  • Carnation and roses as the ornaments.
  • Some moss to be put below the twigs.

You may choose between using faux flowers or fresh ones. Remember, if you choose the fresh flower then you should consider using oasis blocks that have been soaked in the water. That way, the flower will stay fresh for a longer time.

To minimize the risks of having a wilted flower, it might be best to choose faux flowers. Especially for an outdoor wedding like showed on the picture.

3. Shining Sunflower

Shining Sunflower


Just like the fresh and bright sunshine brings joy, this DIY floral wedding arch also will enlighten your memorable moment. Moreover, this idea is so easy and simple to be made. The material needed for this floral wedding arch are:

  • A bunch of twigs. Twigs are known for its natural and rustic look. That’s why using twigs are an instant solution for getting your natural floral wedding arch.
  • Keep it with some leaves. Instead of using roses, this idea chooses sunflower to be the centerpiece.
  • You can even add some wildflowers to complement the appearance.

4. Vintage Will Never Go Wrong

Vintage Will Never Go Wrong


Who said old stuff cannot be used for your special occasion? This picture set a good example of a vintage DIY floral wedding arch using outworn doors. The older it looks the better it will be. What’s unique from this idea are:

  • A chandelier as the centerpiece instead of using big flower arrangements.
  • Greenery and small wild white flowers arrangements for the arch.

Besides its simplicity, there are some benefits from using this wedding arch:

  • It is so easy to be arranged. Just put the doors as a replacement of poles. Don’t forget to uphold the doors so it won’t falls during the wedding ceremony.
  • The arch can be used as a partition in your house.

5. Play with The Bohemian Style

Play with The Bohemian Style


A Bohemian style complete with an unfinished crochet, that’s all you need to make a chic and dazzling wedding arch. You must also put greenery on the corner of the arch. For the flowers, try using a combination of carnation, rose, and wild flower in various colors.

As you can see the arch using lots of vivid colors. The result shows a rich and colorful wedding arch. You can even take this arch home to become your indoor decoration.

6. The Bamboo Arch

Simple bamboo white wedding arch


This idea looks minimalist and clean at the same time. On top of that, the bamboo arch can also bring the outdoor look inside the room. So, it doesn’t matter where you’re going to throw the wedding. Either indoor or outdoor, both can use this adorable DIY floral wedding arch.

Then, what do you need to create this idea?

  • A pair of Bamboo for poles and one used for the crossbar pole.
  • Two sets of high-planters in black color. Both were filled with crushed rocks. This planter will be the base of your poles.
  • A white simple curtain that tied around the poles.
  • For the accent, used white roses and foliage. Then, put these arrangements in both corner of your arbor. Put them each on the different side of the corner.

7. Colorful Paper Flower

Colorful Paper Flower


Making a DIY floral wedding arch does not always involved fresh flowers. As you can see, this arch only needs a colorful craft paper. Then, it depends on your creativity in making flower papers. Despite its rousing look, there are some benefits from using this idea:

  • There will be no withered flower! Instead, you can reuse these paper flowers on other occasions.
  • This idea is pennywise than the others mentioned above.

8. Burlap Instead of Laces Curtain

DIY Floral Wedding Arch


Having an autumn wedding party? Then you might want to try on this idea for sure. This DIY floral wedding arch has its own uniqueness, which are:

  • Instead of white curtains, burlap is used as the ornament of the arch.
  • The centerpiece is made of greenery with some wildflowers.
  • For the arbor, you can use a white painted wood or metal. In this picture it uses wood. But it’s actually doesn’t have a big difference whether using a metal or wood arbor. Because it will be hidden under the burlap decoration.

9. Floral Arch with Wall Background


Don’t have enough time in finding the right arbor? It doesn’t matter! You can just stick the flowers along with the foliage on the wall. Arrange them shaping an arch. And, there you go, a really simple DIY floral wedding arch in no time.

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10. The Natural Willow Arch

The Natural Willow Arch


For an outdoor wedding ceremony, a natural wedding arch is a must. All the more, it is also won’t need lots of efforts to be made. Basically, you will need willow branches to create the arch. Next, make flower arrangements to be the centerpiece of the arch.

Roses are seen along with carnation and some colorful flowers. Feel free to add more color to it. But remember that simple is better.


Which DIY floral wedding arch that fits your style? Whichever it is, all of these ideas can still be modified according to your budget.

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