10 DIY Jewelry Box Ideas for Those Out-of-The-Box Thinkers

Besides your make up kit, your jewelry pieces also have a tendency to clutter your dressing table and bedroom. To avoid that from happening, a woman must also be smart when it comes to storing her precious collection. To keep your bedroom and dressing table tidy, use one of the existing DIY Jewelry Box Ideas.

From the simplest to the most fascinating, here are some of the best DIY Jewelry Box Ideas. Of course, they are here only to inspire you to get your own. It is even better if you come up with a new creation.

1. The Simple Gift Box

The Simple Gift Box

Source: http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/

To start off this list, we will go to something simple. These days, many people prefer using a designated, cardboard, gift box instead of wrapping papers. That way, we will feel less guilty about destroying more trees.

However, you also cannot let the used gift boxes go to waste. Since this is the easiest, clean the box first before you can use it for your jewelry pieces. If the lid looks too plain, attach some fake flowers as part of the decoration.

2. A Special Box For Your Rings (and Earrings)

A Special Box For Your Rings (and Earrings)

Source: http://coolcrafts.com/

A gift box is not only made of cardboard. Some of them are custom-made with more solid materials. For example, wood. Although rather heavy, this one looks beautiful, with its painted surface and a golden knob at the top of the lid.

Rings (and earrings) are some of the more easily scattered jewelry pieces in the bedroom. You can do something with this box, which includes:

  • Stuff some small pillows or cloth to create gaps between shelves. Use foam underneath as partition between them before you cover it up.
  • Place your rings and earrings by category. If there is still one shelf left, you might even add some bracelet collection into this box.

3. A Box for Your Necklaces

A Box for Your Necklaces

Source: http://diyprojectsforteens.com/

Still with the same box (or another made of plastic or fiber), you can safely store your necklace collection. There are two reasons why necklaces and rings should never stay together in the same box:

  • They will accidentally get entangled with each other.
  • You might lose your ring by accident while taking a necklace from the box because of the previous reason.

Of course, you do not just dump your necklaces into the box. Gently roll them a little before placing them there. It is better not to overcrowd the box with too many necklaces, since it will be difficult to close the lid.

4. A DIY Jewelry Box with An Artistic Decoration

A DIY Jewelry Box with An Artistic Decoration

Source: http://coolcrafts.com/

Feeling that your jewelry box looks too ordinary? It is time to play with the decoration. Challenge your artistic mind to be as creative as possible.

This is one of the examples. Although the wooden box looks just like any other ordinary boxes, you can make it special by painting it pale blue with a white ornament on the inner part of the lid.

5. A Golden, Trinket Dish Holder

A Golden, Trinket Dish Holder

Source: http://diyprojectsforteens.com/

If you love going to Japanese or Chinese restaurants, sometimes they have that unique, golden, trinket dish-holder. Guess what? This dining appliance can also work wonders as one of the DIY jewelry box ideas.

Of course, since the spots to store jewelry pieces are rather limited, this can only be for smaller stuff like rings, earrings, and bracelets.

6. A Wooden Jewelry Box Plus a Mirror

A Wooden Jewelry Box Plus a Mirror

Source: http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/

This is another way to make your jewelry box looks beautiful and special. For a classic, old-school touch, leave the surface of the box unfinished or not completely sanded. Cover the inside with light blue velvet material.

Sometimes you would like to look if a necklace or earrings of your choice make you look beautiful. That is why a small, round mirror is attached to the inner lid of the box.

7. Colourful, Tiny Boxes Will Do

Colourful, Tiny Boxes Will Do

Source: http://coolcrafts.com/

Some of these old tiny boxes can be found from old compact powder boxes or even those to store sweets. If it is the latter, then you should wash them clean first.

After they dry, decorate the outside in any way you like. Paint them with beautiful patterns or just some block colours. Wait until the paint dry before you start storing your earrings, rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Make sure each category is not in the same boxes.

8. The DIY Jewelry Display Crates

The DIY Jewelry Display Crates

Source: http://diyprojectsforteens.com/

Some of the DIY Jewelry Box Ideas also require recycled materials. Besides the two small boxes below, you can add secondhand, wooden crates for the display of necklaces. Make sure that the crates are still in good condition and not attacked by termites.

Of course, although the boxes are okay, you might want to do some serious maintenance with the crates. You can stain them well and clean them up more regularly to remove termites from eating them out.

9. The Cute Tin Lunch Box

The Cute Tin Lunch Box

Source: http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/

When you were a little girl, you probably used to have a tin lunch box packed by your mother to school. Now, this object has a new function: as a very cute jewelry box.

Make sure the tin is still in a good condition. No dented mark is needed here. If the picture or pattern outside has already looked so good, you do not need an extra effort to make it look more beautiful. Just use it for your jewelry pieces.

10. A Yummy-Looking Trinket Box

A Yummy-Looking Trinket Box

Source: http://coolcrafts.com/

At a first glance, you might be fooled by the appearance of this cute little box. Does it consist of chocolate, candy, or small-sized pastries? The answer is no. The only thing you can find here is a bunch of jewelry pieces.

This idea is super neat, especially if you would like to use it as a birthday present for your female best friend or little sister. Plus, you can store your precious jewelry pieces without anyone knowing. They might still be wondering though, whether they can have a piece of chocolate or two from that very box.


Wow! It turns out that you never run out of ideas to store your jewelry. These DIY Jewelry Box Ideas are simply for starters. You might want to copy some of them or decide on your own. Go ahead, take your pick.