10 DIY Make Up Storage to De-clutter Your Dressing Table and Bedroom

Dressing up is never enough without a proper makeup. For different occassions, you need different shades and tones. This is why your makeup kit needs a proper space. To avoid cluttering your bedroom and dressing table, a DIY Make Up Storage is your final solution. This will also save your drawers’ space.

There are many ways to have your own makeup storage. If you have not figured it out, here are some of the examples to help you. With these DIY Make Up Storage ideas, you collect them well – and tidy your bedroom and dressing table too.

1. Using a Shoe Organiser

Using a Shoe Organiser

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Sounds rather yucky to you? No worries. This does not mean you are putting your make up kit along with your shoes in the same organiser. What were you thinking anyway?

You can either buy something new or use an old one instead. Wait, do not forget to wash it clean first. After leaving it dry, you can start putting your make up in each pouch. Do not forget to get a coat hanger and find a hook, either by the door or attached to the wall.

How to organise your make up here? It is pretty simple. For example: lipstik in one pouch and mascara in another. You know what to do with the rest.

2. Organised Brush Display

Organised Brush Display

Source: https://cutediyprojects.com/

The problem with some of the make up brushes is their size. Since some are much too big to be placed in the shoe organiser, here is another solution for you:

  • Find an empty glass vase. Make sure it is large enough to store your make up brushes.
  • Add some fake crystalline pieces in for decoration. These tiny things also help the brushes to stand erect. Make sure there are plenty to put in there.
  • Jab the brushes into the crystalline pool with the brushes upward.

Not only this will save your make up brushes from getting dirty, it also makes a nice decoration on your dressing table.

3. Another Example for Your Brush Display

Another Example for Your Brush Display

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In some cases, glass vase tends to break easily if it gets knocked over by accident. No matter how careful you are, that can still happen.

To avoid that possibility, here is an alternative to a safer brush display. No worries, this does not mean it has to look less glamorous. Instead of a glass vase and crystalline pieces, you can use:

  • An ornamental plastic bin.
  • Cotton, crumpled tissues, or pieces of paper.

Since this bin is taller than the brushes, you do not have to worry about them toppling over. The cotton or crumpled tissues or paper pieces can help to steady them up. Make sure you collect them enough before testing this arrangement with your make up brushes.

4. The Awesome-Looking Mason Jar Storage

The Awesome-Looking Mason Jar Storage

Source: https://cutediyprojects.com/

Cotton, cotton buds, and that stuff to smoothen up your heels are also important elements of your make up kit. Without them, how do you clean up your nail polish or apply some cream to your face?

Let’s not neglect them by putting them in their proper, cleaner place. These mason jars are their saviours. To make them look more awesome, you can hang them like this, with metal holders hugging them securely.

5. The Bookcase for Clear, Make Up Storage Containers

The Bookcase for Clear, Make Up Storage Containers

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Besides shoe organisers, glass vases, and plastic bins, you can create a DIY Make Up Storage this way. This bookcase has enough space for all your make up collection, possibly from A to Z.

You can move your books to another storage or get another one – just for your make up kit. Just like with the shoe organiser, start putting things by category on each shelf. For lipsticks and lip tints, you can even have extra, smaller containers to keep them all together.

6. The Star Make Up Vanity (inspired by IKEA)

The Star Make Up Vanity (inspired by IKEA)

Source: http://cutediyprojects.com/

Are you all about saving space and maximising everything up to their fullest potential? This IKEA design gives you a perfect example. Your dressing table never looks this gorgeous and really functional. One layer below is to store all your make up kit on the shelves.

The top is covered by glass. If it is still not enough, have another glass or plastic container on the side. That is to store your lipsticks, lip tints, and brushes.

7. Towel Rods and Baskets or Pails

Towel Rods and Baskets or Pails

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There are always other ways to hang your stuff, especially make up kit. Besides using a shoe organiser, you can also have this nice, unusual combination of towel rods with baskets or pails.

If you dress up in the bathroom after shower more often than in the bedroom, this can be put behind the door or a spot next to the mirror.

8. The Cute Hanging Jars

The Cute Hanging Jars

Source: https://cutediyprojects.com/

This is another way to maximise your old mason jars. If they are still in good condition, decorate them like you normally do before putting in some candies or cookies.

Of course, the difference is that you drop in lipsticks, mascara, brushes, and other stuff related to make up instead. If you would like something nicer but rather risky, tie them up and hang them by the wall. Make sure the hooks are strong enough to hold their weight – or they will definitely crash on the floor.

9. The Old, Colourful Plastic Bottles

The Old, Colourful Plastic Bottles

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Remember the old, colourful plastic bottles for soda drinks? There is a way to get them recycled. Since you only need the bottom, cut the top and trim the jagged edges a bit. To smoothen them even more, use a warm iron. Plastic will melt by itself a little.

Put your make up kit per category on different coloured plastic bottle ends. There you go, you have your own make up storage.

10. The Old Gift Box

The Old Gift Box

Source: http://diyprojectsforteens.com/

This is the easiest DIY Make Up Storage anyone can think of. What couldn’t be more ideal than an old gift box like this? Not only big enough, it is perfect to store your make up kit.

If you like the colour and the pattern, you do not need to make more changes. You can add some shelves in it, though. That way, your lipsticks will not mix with your mascara and vice versa.

Not only dressing up well, a woman must be smart with her make up kit. Do not leave them all cluttered and scattered. Make a DIY Make Up Storage.