10 Enjoyable DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

For a budget-friendly solution of your porch and patio, there’s DIY outdoor privacy screen to be selected. A beautiful porch or patio is a wonderful place to have a lot of quality time with your friends and family. Adding a privacy screen is a brilliant idea for your outdoor space.

The privacy screen will give you extra privacy over your amazing garden. So, you won’t feel bothered when you’re hanging around on the patio with your friends and family. It doesn’t mean that you need to cover the patio all around with the screen. Just add the screens on some parts that you think crucial.

There are a lot of DIY privacy screen ideas spreading all over the internet. We sorted them out and find 10 ideas that could help you to enjoy your outdoor area in a comfortable way. Here we give you 10 attractive DIY outdoor privacy screen designs.

1. DIY Balustrade Screen of Privacy

DIY Balustrade Screen of Privacy


This balustrade screen looks both relaxing and inviting. It’s the right feeling you want to have in your outdoor space. You can obtain some privacy from people next door if you have an approximate house. This subtle and trendy method of privacy addition.

It offers such a unique impact on the atmosphere. When the sun hit the screen, there’s a dramatic effect on the floor that could add a nice look to the whole outdoor area you have.

2. DIY Outdoor Privacy Curtain

DIY Outdoor Privacy Curtain


Remember to always make it simple. Like this patio privacy, it uses curtains to do the work. It’s the easiest choice you can make. If you want to have a full privacy, you can just close the whole side of the patio with your curtain. Or, you can just leave it on the sides to get half of the privacy you might need.

The design of this patio is so interesting. The orange color of the curtain really does the work properly. It sets the room to be so energetic. These heavy curtains are very helpful and it’s a smart option you can choose to set your privacy of the outdoor area.

3. Metal DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen

Metal DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen


Is it possible to use the metal material for a privacy screen? Well, why not? But, it’s pretty uncommon. People avoid using material like metal or steel because it’s outdoor. The heat of the sun would easily get that kind of material hotter. So, it’s not recommended.

So, in order to get it suitable for the outdoor area. Combine the metal with a wooden material. It would balance the heat and get the area looks stunning and shining.

4. Lattice Panel Screen For Outdoor Privacy

Lattice Panel Screen For Outdoor Privacy


It’s a great option for a deck or patio of your house. The design of the panel is suitable for privacy screen function. It separates the area from other areas nearby. You can paint the panels with different colors or just similar to the wood frame.

Instead of a plain panel, this could be an interesting choice to add to your patio. The drill holes offer their own charm to the ambiance. The dosage of sunlight would get it into the patio easily but it could give a nice effect of the atmosphere.

5. Vines for DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen

Vines for DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen


We may call it the option of nature. Using vines to take control of the privacy in your patio or deck might be pretty uncommon for some people who used to have the conventional design of patio. Even though this concept might take a bit of a time to be completed but it offers a remarkable result to your outdoor space.

As you can see, the vines bent perfectly to cover the fence for privacy. Before you reach the result like this picture, you may need to be patient in growing the vines. You have to control the growth of the vines to look like this.

6. DIY Privacy Screen from Wood Branches

DIY Privacy Screen from Wood Branches


If you love this rustic design of privacy screen, maybe you need to build the whole things up. The first time you see this privacy screen you’ll realize that this DIY privacy screen definitely won’t waste your budget at all.

Even, this low budget element of the outdoor space offers sculptural aesthetic values to the area. The traditional rustic looking of this screen might be looking weird and a bit creepy. But, if you are creative enough, you can actually build a better one.


  • It offers an aesthetic values.
  • It’s very low budget.
  • It’s easy to build.


  • It doesn’t look clean.
  • It feels a little bit weird and creepy.

7. DIY Ribbon Privacy Screen for Outdoor

DIY Ribbon Privacy Screen for Outdoor


This is the concept you need to choose for your outdoor space if you wanna add some festivity. It would be perfect when it’s installed in the garden. The soft pink color is surprisingly getting along with the leaves. Or, if you want to get it less romantic, you can just go with a white or other neutral colors.

8. Repurposed Shutter for Outdoor Privacy Screen

Repurposed Shutter for Outdoor Privacy Screen


This might be one of the most budget-friendly privacy screens if you have some collection of old unused doors. It can be a wardrobe door, cabinet door, or even a room door. That kind of shutters would do the work to manage your privacy. In the photo, all of the shutters are functioned as the fence.

9. PVC Pipe Outdoor Privacy Screen

PVC Pipe Outdoor Privacy Screen


A privacy screen made of PVS pipes? That’s clever, right? Some PVC pipes can be built into a free-standing privacy screen. You will need some fabric for the screen and the pipes for the frames. I would recommend the thick plastic pipes or the steel pipes to form a stronger frame. Even better, you can switch the fabric color anytime you want. So, it would always look fresh.

10. DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen from Bamboo Plants

DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen from Bamboo Plants


It’s another option of nature. Some plants like bamboo plants are the attractive option when it comes to natural privacy screen. But, the problem with living element like this is that you need to do special treatment for it and most homeowners avoid it. But the natural plants always offer a delightful charm.


After those 10 enjoyable DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas, I believe you already choose what’s best for your outdoor area. Make sure the choice you make is based on your budget and management. I suggest, do not choose the natural option if you don’t have time or budget to do the regular treatment for it.