10 Right Ways to Design Floor to Ceiling Windows

Are you challenged enough to turn your wall into the floor to ceiling windows? If you are brave enough to take the challenge, you need to read the whole page to find out how.

Windows are the crucial element of the house. You can’t call a building a house when there’s no window in it. Living in a house without a window would be the worst thing in your life that you can’t even imagine. It would be like living inside a box with no light, air, and view. That’s the reason why windows are so important to a house.

There are many kinds of windows that you can install inside a house. Some homeowners choose to have windows in standard or small size while some other want it bigger. A floor to ceiling window is a great option for a house that needs a bigger window.

There are some advantages you can get from the house with floor to ceiling windows:

  • It can be a great design feature of the house.
  • It allows plenty of light to go inside the house during the day.
  • It makes the most of views you can enjoy.
  • It makes your small space inside brighter and larger.

1. West Coast Style Interior

West Coast Style Interior


The first thing we need to mention is this west coast house. The main design features of the house are the earthy elements. This house interior is full of that kind of element. I can guarantee that it looks perfect with floor to ceiling windows especially if the house is placed near the forest.

This west coast house is a combination of modern and natural design. If I may identify the earthy elements, it has a complete set of it. It’s got the water element from the blue picture, wood element on the stairs and flooring, the green elements on the corner and outside the windows, and the gray color of the whole wall.

2. Fieldstone House with High Windows

Fieldstone House with High Windows


One thing that steals my attention the first time I visit this fieldstone house is the flowery painting. It looks so majestic and stunning. It’s even matching with the outdoor views of trees. They are destined to be together in this room.

3. Triborun Modern House with Beach View

Triborun Modern House with Beach View


Having a house or residence near the seashore would be very exciting. You could enjoy a vacation-like living every day of your life. So, it’s a must to have a floor to ceiling window. You don’t wanna miss every second of that beautiful views, right. You can enjoy amazing views of the sunset every end of the day. That would be so dreamy.

This open concept living room is inside a house which is located in San Fransisco. That’s why the room design is recognizable. With that amazing glass wall, ribbon fireplace, and comfy couch, that would be enough to make a luxurious living room.

4. Port Ludlow House by The Sea Shore

Port Ludlow House by The Sea Shore


If you enjoy the wonderful view of the water, this is a good reason to install floor to ceiling windows for your beach house. This glass high windows are completed with sliding glass doors. The clear quality glass for the windows makes a seamless outdoor-indoor space.

5. Floor to Ceiling Window in A Hotel

Floor to Ceiling Window in A Hotel


This hotel room’s got a floor to ceiling window to be the main feature. The only reason the floor to ceiling becomes the source of entertainment for this hotel is the fantastic view of the outside. This hotel took place in the town near the beach. From the hotel, you could enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the city directly, thanks to the big window glass.

6. Clear Glass Wall with Mountain View

Clear Glass Wall with Mountain View


One of the concepts you can choose in designing a floor to ceiling window is a frameless concept. This style is quite popular lately among the hotel owners. They tend to offer their guest with a room with a frameless glass window.

I personally recommend you to have this kind of window for the bedroom. But, it’s only for a building that’s located far from the city or town. The beautiful panoramic view of the mountain can be the only reason guests booking this room.

7. Floor to Ceiling Window Ideas for Minimalist Home

Floor to Ceiling Window Ideas for Minimalist Home


Check out this minimalist house, it’s full of brown color. I guess the designer really love to be simple. The brown shades combination in this room seems to be ready to receive the extravagant view of the mountain valley. The room plain color is designed to be ready to be filled with the elements of nature.

8. Floor to Ceiling Window with Residential Bliss

Floor to Ceiling Window with Residential Bliss


Unlike the previous one, this open bedroom has a more cheerful character. It supports the idea of residential bliss. The room concept is near without a wall. The only wall you have is right behind your bed.

The floor to ceiling windows of this bedroom is framed with a metal material. The shiny character of metal is enough to bring its own charm to support this that stunning view.

9. Floor to Ceiling Window with Cool Framework

Floor to Ceiling Window with Cool Framework


The framework and structure of this building are so lovely. The combination of chunky joints and lovely wood creates a fantastic atmosphere for the interior. It feels like there’s no need for the most beautiful view to entertain you from the outside. The architecture of this interior itself is already entertaining.

10. Floor to Ceiling Windows by The Swimming Pool

Floor to Ceiling Windows by The Swimming Pool


Some homeowners decide to have this window just because they need a flood of lights for the interior. Without a panoramic view surrounding your house, a floor to ceiling windows can still be useful. As you can see, this house installed the windows in order to connect with the swimming pool.

Right from your living room, you can look after your swimming pool. It becomes your private views when there’s no one who could enjoy that. It would be perfect if there’s a garden near the pool to complete the views.


Of course, there’re some pros and cons of having floor to ceiling windows. One of the cons statement is about the less privacy. The solution is pretty simple, if you need privacy when the house is already having the windows installed, you can add drapes, curtains, or blinds.