Interesting Knowledge on How to Build Storage Shelves

Having storage shelves at home is sure to come in handy when you have so many things at home. It also can be seen as a cheaper alternative to the basement and spare room.

You can even increase the size of it to store more things. But you first have to know how to build storage shelves.

How to Build Storage Shelves

When you can make things yourself, it’s even more worth it. There’s no one else knows your home and how many things that you have better than you do, so you get to do the measurement yourself and make sure that what the resulting finished structure fits just right.

In order to know how to build storage shelves, there are some things you need to do first. One of which is to prepare the materials and tools required to build one:

1. Preparing the materials and tools

You will need these materials to start somewhere, that storage shelf is not going to build itself anyway. So here are the things that you need to have:

  • 14 – 2 x 4 boards or 17 – 8 feet long 2×4 boards or plywood
  • 2 ½” pocket hole screws
  • 1 box of 2.5” drywall screws
  • 1 box of 1” drywall screws

Meanwhile, the tools that you’re going to need are as follows:

  • Pen
  • Power drill
  • Set of drill bits
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer

2. Measuring the dimension

Measuring the Dimension

You need to measure the size of the shelves you are going to make first by using the measuring tape. After that, you can cut the woods in order to shape the shelf frame.

If you wish to have a large storage shelf that can hold many objects, you need to make sure that you have the required room too.

3. Assembling the boards

Assembling the Boards

Next, you need to layout the boards. These need to be cut into around 6.5 feet in length. These boards will become the selves so it’s better to have three pieces of these.

Next, lay-up some more wood on top of 6.5 feet longboard, in a different position from those woods, crossing each other, much like a template of a ladder.

At this point, you can also determine how high you want the shelves from the floor and can use this as the determined measurement.

4. Make the platforms

Make the Platforms

Next, cut the large piece of the board to make the platform for the shelves. This platform will also be used to measure how long your shelf will be and then you can build the remaining frame which also serves as the other feet of the shelf.

5. Arrange the shelf frame

Arrage the Shelf Frame

Then, it’s time to make the shelf frame. Attach the woods together to the other ends with the screws.

Make sure that the foundation is secure, tight, and durable to hold the platforms you just made. Then put up the shelf platform from one side, then attach it to the shelf legs with screws.

6. Repeat

RepeatIf you want to add more slots and shelves on it, flip the entire thing and repeat the same process. Then attach the legs the same way you did the first row of shelves.

You can continue building the shelves if you feel like you can add some more. Attach them to the upright legs, and then consider when they are level and durable enough to be placed on with something.


Now that your storage shelf is done, you can place your belongings there. Typically, this kind of shelf is mostly placed in the basement or garage and used to keep the objects that are unused or otherwise related to machinery, laundry, and other equipment.

However, since its purpose is still to keep things neatly lined up and organized, you can still put whatever you desire. Just be ready to move it to the place you want, however. And since your storage shelf is made of wood, keep an eye on termites.

Additionally, if you would like to add some more finishing touches on your storage shelf, you also have an option to paint or decorate it with anything you like. It should make it look better and nice than just a simple woody cream and brown.

In addition to be easy and entertaining (at least for those who enjoy working with the carpentry), it obviously saves you a good amount of bucks since you likely will already have some building tools on your own, leaving you only need to spend money to buy the plywood (and decorations if you need).

Now that you know how to build storage shelves, you wouldn’t have to worry about where to put your stuff anymore. Plus, you don’t really need to spend that much of a dime.

If you are feeling creative with customizing storage shelves, see if you can create storage shelves in different shapes and sizes for various other uses. There is no limitation on how to create these things. So… Happy building and good luck.