Easy Tips On How to Make a Headboard

A bed is incomplete without a headboard since it is basically a part of the bed itself, even though it has no real purpose. That being said, it’s not a bed without a headboard, and it also comes with different shapes.

The bed is even more unique if you know how to make a headboard of your own.

Bed is often considered as a safe haven for many people, and a good, comfortable bed, must always have a headboard.

How to Make a Headboard

These days, with some time and persistence, you can make your own headboard for your bed. It may require some effort, but the thought of saving money shouldn’t hurt.

In addition to cost less, making your own headboard means you can customize your own headboard (and to some extent, your bed) to your own liking, which means you can really call your bed your own.

And so, here are the steps on how to make one.


1. Prepare the materialsIf you’re planning to make your own headboard, DIY style, you need to understand what kind of materials you are going to use.

The best suggestion is to use which material you will find comfortable the most.

While most headboards are made of wood, some other options are available; an iron sheet, an unused door, or if you want to be creative and gives an impression of a headboard, even chalks can be used.

Basically, anything can be used for a headboard material. Plywood is exceptionally the most common and easily used material for a headboard.

2. Now that you have the material, the next is to cut it into the dimension that matches with your bed. In this case, you need to carefully measure the headboard so that it is as wide as your bed.

3. Next, if you’d like, you can envelop the material with the foam. This is done to make sure that headboard is soft and you can actually lean or rest your head or back, while you are on the bed.

Draw the outline of the board, then cut the foam following the shape of the board with a knife. Do this step for the second time so that both sides of the headboard are covered by the foam.

This time, add a few inches on the side so that it can cover the edge of the headboard to secure it.

If you’d like to just have the wooden headboard to be simply just wood, you won’t need the foam and can skip this step if you wish.

4. Make sure the wood and the foam covering it securely glued to each other. To ensure that the foam sticks to the board, you can use a staple gun.

5. Check your headboard for any wrinkles. If there’s any, you can just iron it.

6. After this, you can decorate your headboard in any way you like, either by painting it or sewing some other fabrics or cloths on it.

7. The final step is to give one of the sides of headboard two D-Rings on it. The side these things are attached to preferably the one with no foam crease on it, just to make it look better. After it’s done, hang it from screws or hook it on the wall.

Then, just simply push the bed to the parallel direction of the bed, and you’re done.

Now that you know how to make a headboard, you may need to think how do you want your custom headboard to look like.

Then again, since you’re making it yourself, you are free to make it however you like. To make things easier, here is some recommendation of headboards that you can make.

1. Door Headboard

Door HeadboardThis may not look like much but it’s some of the easiest headboards you can make. All you need to do is just to salvage an unused door.

Plus, it’s also cheaper than most materials. Who knew doors can also be used as anything else besides as doors?

2. Fence Headboard

Fence HeadboardOther than doors, you can use a part of wooden fence. Even the wooden gate fence will do, provided that you cut it into the width of your bed.

This should make your bed look uniquely quaint. Make sure to clean them first and to trim the rough surfaces, though.

3. Channel Tufted Headboard

Channel Tufted HeadboardAt first glance, this headboard may look like an inflatable mattress simply put behind the bed. It actually just a headboard, made into look like one. You can make this unique, stylish headboard in one weekend, or even less.

4. Shutter Headboard

Shutter HeadboardOld, forgotten shutters (or windows) can be repurposed and make some fine headboard. Basically, this gives your bed an elegant and vintage vibe on it.

And of course, you can paint it or put some more decorations on it to make it even more lively.


Now that you know how to make a headboard, we hope this encourages you to come up with some unique headboard designs of your own. Perhaps comfort can boost up some creativity after all. Now that’s taken care of, happy building.