How to Make Painted Rocks and Turn Them into Decorations

Art is one of the most wondrous things that people have ever invented. It often has special meanings and varied from people to people.

How to Make Painted Rocks ..

Some of these arts are paintings or drawings. You may have learned how to draw on canvas, now you need to learn how to make painted rocks.

You can use these rock paintings as decoration or gifts. It’s definitely unique, and pretty easy to make, but at the same time challenging due to how varied the surface and size of the rocks are.

Still, they put on quite a display for your homes or gardens. Here are some tips on how to make one.

A. Tools

How to Make Painted Rocks Ideas

Basically, if you want to make a painted rock, there is no better and more direct way than just doing it. You don’t really need much to carry as well.

Simply put, all you need is a paintbrush, paint or crayons, stylus, and rocks. You may also use stencils to add some more details, although it’s optional.

For paint, preferably use acrylic outdoor paints. If you’re more like simple doodling, paint pens can also be considered as a choice.

When it comes to what do you want to paint with, it’s all based on your preferences. You should also carry a water basin to wash the rocks.

B. Instruction:

1. First, start by gathering some rocks. You may use any size do you want since the size of the rock actually determines on what kind of drawing you can make on them. After all, there is only so much you can draw or paint on a rock.

2. When picking and selecting rocks, be sure to grab and use the ones that are flat with a smooth surface. That way, it allows you painting arts on them much easier.

3. Before decorating them with paints, make sure to wash them off beforehand. Having some dirt on the rocks will just give you a hard time in painting arts.

4. It’s a good thing to seal the rocks so that it won’t dry out your markers or pens. As smooth as a rock surface is, it is much easier to paint or draw on rocks with something much smoother covering them. This also protects your rocks from elements.

For seals, there are two options; either you use a brush and coating to make sure all sections of the rock are covered, which could take longer but is effective, or a sealer on spray that you can use to cover many rocks at once. Whatever the choice, this would make your rocks look glossy.

Additionally, white rock seal will also help your paintings on the rocks look even more vibrant.

5. Don’t forget to use your brush (and stylus if you have them) to add more depth and details on your painting.

6. If you’re planning to write something on the rocks, oil-based paint pens may work wonders for you. If you have painted something on the rocks prior, best be let dry first you write something on them.

7. Gloss over your painted rocks with more rock seal to ensure your painting on the rocks withstand outside elements. This will help your beautifully painted rocks unharmed during harsh weather like intense sunlight or heavy rainfall.

Now that you know the steps on how to make painted rocks, what kind of painted rocks that you want to make? Of course, just like any other arts, it’s totally up to you.

Just make or paint anything. But to help to figure things easier, here are some types of painted rocks that you can get to make.

1. Paperweight Painted Rocks

Paperweight Painted Rocks

If you like literature such as novels and poetry, or even films and songs, you can quote some of the lines from your favorite poem, books, films, or lyrics of the songs.

Alternatively, you can also quote motivational or inspirational quotes. Don’t forget to make them colorful too.

2. Fairy House Painted Rocks

Fairy House Painted Rocks

If you have a stencil with you, then this tool will surely come in handy when you plan to carve some designs on the rocks. It is much easier to draw houses, lodges, and cottages on the rock with stencil.

3. DIY Message Painted Rocks

DIY Message Painted Rocks

If you want to cheer up your friend by giving a gift, you can make one. Instead of sending a greeting card, you can make some of these encouraging messages painted rocks.

It should be no different than creating paperweight painted rocks.

4. Beach-themed Painted Rocks

Beach-Themed Painted Rocks

It doesn’t need to use rocks from the beach to give you that beach atmosphere. Simply use whatever smooth rocks you can find and then draw something that reminds you of the beach. This would put any beach rock to shame by its awesomeness.

Now that you know the basic and tips on how to make painted rocks, it’s time to get going. It is actually not as difficult as it sounds. All you need is creativity and imagination, no different than drawing on the paper.

Give it a try and have good fun.

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