Enrich Your House with These Living Room Indian Style

Living rooms Indian style is some of the best living room designs there is. Normally spacious, and unique, it is exceptionally comfortable and homey, a perfect fit if you are looking for some quality time with your family, even more so if you have so many family members within your household.

Living Room Indian Style .

Despite its family-friendly attribute, Indian living rooms are mostly designed to be a blend of both formal and informal vibe.

As a result, most of the time, this kind of living room is suitable for a family gathering, or even formal event such as work or board meetings.

Designing this type of living room is not really a complicated matter. If you’re willing to put up some effort in redecorating your living room, this particularly unique and antique design can be your own.

Planning the Layout

Planning the Layout

First things first, what you need to have in order to make your living room feels exotic and Indian, your living room has gotta look the part, and in this case, finding the perfectly suitable furniture that complements with the theme you are going.

Mostly, Indian living rooms tend to be minimalist. It only has fewer furniture, and you can simply find it. Or if you are looking to save some budget, you may use whatever you already have. Additionally, Indian themed is also mostly rich with colors.

The picture above shows one example of Indian living rooms, and you can see that it is lively and full of colors, most notably on the rug, soft and comfy chairs. This room is made energetic thanks to its bright color scheme.

Based on the example, you can decide to decorate this living room after this one, since it is notably easier and cheaper than most others. Additionally, chances are you already have some of this furniture, all you need is just the sheet for the pillows and chairs.

That is just one example of the Indian living room, and there are actually more examples of it. Now that if you already have the required and fitting furniture to assemble your own Indian style living room, it’s time to figure out how do you want to make it look like.

Since color is one of the most important elements of Indian style living room, it’s worth to think of the color that suits you the most.

1. Wall Showcase Design

Wall Showcase DesignIf you’re quite an art connoisseur you can put up some of the finest artworks on your living room wall. After all, the living room can be translated as a representation of the host.

Besides comfortable, it makes your living room looks quirky and unique.

2. Handcrafted Living Room

Handcrafted Living RoomThis is one is specifically catered for those who enjoy creating various handcrafts. This living room has been measured to have sufficient spaces to place several furniture, some of which are best and appropriated if they are handcrafted and carved yourself.

While having assistance from Indian craftsmen is a plus, that does not mean you can’t have your own custom furniture of your own making. The point is you can place whatever you like and make it look good.

3. Traditional Living Room

Traditional Living RoomIndian has its own traditional living room style, just like this one. Even so, decorating your living room into something like this would require a certain amount of budget, but if you’re feeling creative and generous, by all means.

The effort is definitely worth it.

While it aesthetically looks traditional, with some details that give off old-fashion vibe, it does look pleasing and luxurious. Traditional may sound a little unsuitable.

4. Fresh Traditional Living Room

Fresh Traditional Living RoomIf you wish to decorate your living room traditionally while trying to keep the expenses to a minimum this idea can be the alternative.

You only need to work on the hanging seat, which, by itself, already makes the room stands out. It may not look too much but is still classy.

5. Exotic Dim Lit Living Room

Exotic Dim Lit Living RoomPossibly the most comfortable Indian styled living room, this one is heavily surrounded by a large curtain on the side. Not to mention, you don’t need to place so many furniture here. All you need is just a long couch, and some pillows.

If this living room happens to be located near outdoors or large windows, the sunset can illuminate this living room in an exquisite golden hue.


Now that you have some ideas on how to decorate the living room Indian style is not that difficult, but it is not easy either.

Practically you get to select and use certain furniture, decorations, and paints that look Indian. These are just some of the examples of them.

With the right furniture placement and decorations, you will eventually forget that your living room is not actually in India, because it looks and feels just like you really are in India. It would be pleasant, comfy, and exotic.

Good luck and happy building.

Source: homivi.com