10 Majestic Luxury Swimming Pool Designs

Get ready to be amazed by these collections of luxury swimming pool designs. I’m pretty sure that you are one of the wealthy people out there. I guess that’s one of the major reasons you are here reading this.

Well, we are here to inspire you with 10 stunning designs of swimming pool. Make sure your big budget is prepared because these ideas would definitely spend a lot of money to build. I believe the money won’t be a problem when you get a stunning result to your pool area.

Without further ado, here are ten luxury swimming pool designs to amaze you.

1. Majestic Luxury Swimming Pool Design

Majestic Luxury Swimming Pool Design


You would agree when I say that a luxurious space should be designed by an expert. Well, hiring an expert in exterior designer would offer you a perfect result. You can just explain what kinds of design you want for your swimming pool, and let the expert do the work.

This outdoor luxury swimming pool is designed by a well-known designer called Nicky Dobree. It’s designed especially for some Villa uphill. It’s the result of a combination between pristine lawn, terracotta-tiled stones, and the verdant hills. This is a perfect relaxation getaway.

2. Luxury Pool for Eternal Summer Area

Luxury Pool for Eternal Summer Area


This outstanding summer pool is designed by Penny Drue Baird. It’s a part of his Sagaponack project. The concept of this luxurious swimming pool is actually designed for the tropical area but it would work in those areas that are not in a tropical climate.

In fact, the swimming pool in the photo is located in the US. It’s a perfect place for people who want to get away from the busy city of New York. This luxury pool area is completed with an outdoor seating and canopy.

3. Luxury Swimming Pool of Carribean Mansion

Luxury Swimming Pool of Carribean Mansion


The Carribean style is just the right style for a vacation. I mean just look at that swimming pool area. It really supportive to your vacation atmosphere. This pool is designed to be multi-functional. It incorporates with the living room that faces the outdoor space.

The pool size is pretty large which is enough for this mansion. It’s got a private dock that separates you from the living room inside the mansion. This cleverly designed pool is located in the mountain area.

4. Luxury Swimming Pool with Panoramic View

Luxury Swimming Pool with Panoramic View


In this swimming pool, you are served with the astonishing view of Ibiza skyline. The gravity-defying pool is quite popular these days. It would feel like you are swimming in a floating pool. This kind of pool should be completed with the glass panels at the base of the pool to let you feel the craziest experience of your life.

5. Farmhouse Rustic Swimming Pool

Farmhouse Rustic Swimming Pool


There are a lot of styles out there that you can choose to be your luxurious swimming pool design. One of them is rustic. This pool is located in the middle of a forest which strengthens the rustic feel of the area. The farmhouse element of this swimming pool is fully supported by the patio at the end of the pool area.

6. Resort-Inspired Swimming Pool Design

Resort-Inspired Swimming Pool Design


You can call it luxurious just because it’s inspired by a resort. When you hear the word “resort”, a luxurious vacation would come to mind. Well, that’s why this resort-inspired swimming pool design is a great idea to apply to your luxury house.

It’s got some gas lanterns hanging on the double porch near the swimming pool. Those light pendants offer a Bahamian charm into the atmosphere.

7. Indoor Luxury Swimming Pool Design

Indoor Luxury Swimming Pool Design


The swimming pool is not always located in the outdoor space of the house. If possible, it can be installed inside the house. In this case, the swimming pool is not fully installed inside the house. The only part of the pool flows to the living room. The surface of the pool in the living room is covered by glass walkway that let you see through the pool.

The key to getting a powerful blue view of the water inside the pool is the LED. It lits the entire pool for a beautiful view of the pool from the outside. This phenomenal swimming pool concept is designed by Des Rosiers.

8. Simple Indoor Swimming Pool in The Basement

Simple Indoor Swimming Pool in The Basement


Check out this fascinating underground swimming pool. It apparently comes from a luxury category of a room design. At a glance, you can see that this indoor swimming pool is a work of art from every side. The items that really support the majestic look of this swimming pool area is the stairs concept, the use of glass, colored LED, and ceiling designs.

The LED lights are installed underwater that’s what makes this water inside the swimming pool has a fantastic pattern and color.

9. Luxurious Swimming Pool in Southern Carolina

Luxurious Swimming Pool in Southern Carolina


This outdoor area of this majestic house has a long swimming pool. On one end of the swimming pool extends into the yard with an open sky. The other end of the pool is under the house roof nearby the indoor sitting area. So, there are two options for enjoying the pool, in the sun or under the shade.

Tips to make a comfortable swimming pool:

  • Set the poolside seating nearby.
  • Add umbrellas to shade.
  • Clean the pool surface regularly.
  • Make a perfect configuration based on the house’s size.

10. Natural Luxury Swimming Pool in Bali

Natural Luxury Swimming Pool in Bali


This is one of the most luxurious swimming pool located uphill. The concept is really close to nature. Amandari resort designed this pool for their guest to enjoy the magnificent view of Bali’s natural surroundings.

A sense of relaxation and tranquillity is waiting for you in this resort. The sunset and terrace views near the resort would support your getaway. Maybe, it’s impossible for you to get that exact panoramic views from your private swimming pool. At least, it could inspire you to build a swimming pool with nature’s surroundings.


For now on, you have to prepare the big budget of yours to get ready building your majestic luxurious pool. Those 10 majestic luxury swimming pool designs would definitely be useful to guide you to have an amazing outdoor space.