5 Most Recommended Video Game Room Ideas

Who says you can’t apply the best DIY video game room ideas into your own house? With that, you can absolutely enjoy a fun game night with your friends and relatives. By reading this whole page, you’ll find out how does an ideal game room should look like.

The comfort and gaming technologies should be in harmony when it comes to designing a video game room. The designer should make the game room as comfortable as possible for any sort of game. In this case, we’re focusing on the sophisticated one, video games.

Playing a video game with all of its high-tech set of equipment should be supported by an efficient arrangement. If you are planning to design your own gaming room, maybe some of the DIY video game room ideas in this page would inspire you.

Setting The Best Setup for Your Game Room

Here are things you need to consider when designing a video game room:

  • Size
  • TV/Screen/Projector
  • Speakers
  • Soundproofing
  • Wiring
  • Lighting

The size you have in your room is the most important thing to consider before you plan the arrangement of the gaming setup. It would affect the comfort, enjoyment, and gaming experience inside the room. Make sure it’s not too small and not too large, just enough to have fun in.

The pieces of equipment such TV/screen/projector, speakers, consoles, PC, and other gaming stuff, need to be installed based on the size of the room and the types of video game you want to play.

Soundproofing the room wouldn’t be necessary if you don’t have a surround sound setup inside. If you have one, soundproofing would save your neighbor’s peaceful life. How about wiring? It’s also something crucial to be considered because it would decide the neat and clean look of the room.

At last, lighting would support the ambiance you want to get in your video game room and gaming setup. Whether it’s bright or low-light, choose whatever makes your gaming experience complete.

Best Gaming Room Ideas

Some designers would recommend a basement to be used as a game room, but it’s not a usual game room, it’s a”video” game room. Space or room is quite flexible, a video game can be played almost anywhere in a house where there’s a TV or screen.

Some people may need to have a special room for a video game to get a more private space to enjoy games with friends. So, here are 5 best gaming room ideas, or you may call it as DIY video game room ideas:

1. The Three-Game Stations

The Three-Game Stations


It looks like three living rooms inside one room. Three stations would be enough to fulfill your excitement when hanging around with your friends. Doing some private video game competition or just playing along at the same time would be really fun.

You can put different consoles at each station. On station number one, you can have an Xbox console. On station number two, PlayStation is there. On the last station, you can have Nintendo Wii. Those are the three major console brands that could take over your video game room.

Actually, it’s a simple and conventional gaming room setup. The designer of this room decided to choose an interesting design of sofas to add a nice accent.

2. Small Video Game Rooms Ideas

Small Video Game Rooms Ideas


Your game room is small? Don’t worry, unlike ordinary gaming room, a video game room won’t need a large-scale of space. Just get it suitable for TV/screen and other standard equipment of video game.

It’s recommended to design a game room based on the capacity. Like this small DIY video game room ideas, it’s only got one sofa in the middle and a TV with a game console. To get a more gaming look, the owner adds a bunch of toy gun on the wall that looks like a collection of guns you have for war.

Some posters of video games can be interesting too. It shows the identity of the room. see? You don’t need a large place to have some fun.

3. Video Game Room Like An Office

Video Game Room Like An Office


You can actually turn your office into a maximum experience of PC video gaming. You probably won’t need to change the furniture arrangement, you just need to install the PC gaming set to support your video game.

If you are an online gamer, this space can be ideal for you to compete in your game. As told before, the key of video game room design is to make it as comfortable as possible. With this office room set, the only thing you need to add is the gaming chair.

4. Elegant Video Game Room Ideas

Elegant Video Game Room Ideas


This DIY video game room would be nice for you who really love playing it in a comfortable way. Choosing an elegant design for the game room theme might be not interesting for some people because they think a game room should look fun and playful. So, getting an elegant game room is just like having another living room with a video game console in it.

The reason why some other people love to enjoy the video game in an elegant room is that of the sense of neat that it has. Everyone would feel comfortable in a clean and neat room.

5. Video Game Room from The Future

Video Game Room from The Future


This set of DIY video game room ideas would be the most exciting one. You would feel that you are actually inside the video game. That’s why it can be called a video game room from the future.

The dark ambiance with green lighting completes an amazing gaming experience. It looks like a game-themed movie title Thron legacy. There will be no one would be dare to disturb you in this futuristic gaming space.


Playing video games would be more fun when there are some friends around whether it’s offline or online. Having a special room for a video game would definitely fulfill your satisfaction of playing a video game. The design should be based on your personal style and needs. Some DIY Video Game Room Ideas might suit your need.